We don’t sell outdoor heaters,
but the outdoor life with her.

Warmwatcher creates products with own technology / patent only and always. She dedicates in bring the Healthy, Comfortable, Detailed, Harmonious and Safe outdoor life with her heaters. Other than a warmth carrier, she cares more about your needs on the health, the living, the way and but not the last, the environment.

  • Comfort

    Gentle not intense, Creating big warm space not narrow strip, Low glare not dazzling, Heating body not head, No dead corner…

  • Health

    Sheer far-infrared, No causing black skin spot, Invigorating the circulation of blood

  • Preciseness
    PIR sensor, Master-lock, Heating you not drinks, Saving with no heat loss, Evenly heating, Settable power and time, Storage design …
  • Safety
    IPX5 entry level, Safe-touch, Thermal cut-off, Friendly to mounting materials, malposition cut-off...
  • Harmony
    None noise, Sturdy with compact structure, None rust, Sheer outdoor materials, Refusing cold tone or materials, Intelligent cut-off,…
  • Taste
    Chasing grace, Matching outdoor living, Compact contemporary design, Latest internet tech …

Our Patent

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