1.Low glare

2.Coupling structure for easy replacement of tube

3.Safe touch

4.Wind-resistant level 8

5.IP55 Weather proof Design

6.Intelligent cut - Human & Saving

7.Tri-light LED

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Power setting: 1480W & 2960W 220-240V 50/60HZ


Product Size:H169*W50*D50CM

Pakage Size:H176*W33*D29.5CM

  1. Heat approximately 30-150% more area and space than others.

  2. Snap-in structure for easy replacement makes Warmwatcher a life time heater.

  3. PIR (Passive Infrared) economy feature automatically turns off the heating after 4 minutes when there is no movement within 4 meters in front of the heater.

  4. When ambient temp is over 30 , AUTOMATICALLY stop heating.

Outdoor heaters applying Carbon Fibre Element, emit Far-infrared taking care of your warmth as well as your health. Compared with halogen tube, golden tube or ruby tube, Carbon Fiber tube carries warmth to a longer distance with low glare in more gentle way and healthier. For heavy duty models, we created snap-in structure for the tubes to allow the replacement could be done by common person instead of qualified electrician. Safe-touch housing -- Maximum temp of its metal housing is 60 C , Fabric Flocked Grille -- NO worry on children or pets’ occasional touch.It also can resist level 8 (17-20 m / s).

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